28 December 2011

Update on our new home

We finished painting our front room the day we left for Christmas. It turned out so nice. WE still have a few things to do like baseboard and curtains, but it is livable and I LOVE IT! Thanks to Bryce for coming and helping paint. The bathroom got tiled today and so soon we will have our bathroom done. Here are just a few pictures of the process. Oh by the way I love my couches to, they are totally better than a futon.

1 comment:

  1. Carly and Jordan and Josie and Baby,
    We love your house, we look forward to seeing it. Ooh, check out the built in bookcase. And the big windows. Nice. We think you pulled off the gray walls, too.
    We love y'all.
    Brenda and Fran and Della and Baby