06 December 2011

The first week of December

So Every year Helper has a Electric Light Parade. We got to see it for the first time on Friday. It was one of the coolest things ever. It was snowing and so beautiful and we got to see tons of lights. The next night there were fireworks. Such a cool Christmas tradition here in our little town of Helper.

So Daivanie is spending the week with us and we are having fun. Josie is not used to sharing her stuff at all so it has been an interesting time. She has started to scream every time something is not right. Ugh, what happened to my peace and quiet. Here are some pictures of the girls. Things we have done: Parade, Popcorn at Sutherlands, Fireworks, Homemade ornaments, nativity cutouts, paper snowmen, dress-ups, and lots of books!

We tried Bountiful Baskets for the first time this weekend and were very impressed. Look at all this food. All for $15, we also got a 21lb. box of clementine tangerines, so if anyone wants some, come and get them. I love fresh food. We got some butter lettuce and it was really good.

I haven't posted a video for a while and finally got Josie do her little jabbering that is so cute. Her dad is reading books to her, which is her number 1 favorite thing to do.

Sorry the video is sideways, I can't seem to remember which way it goes. :) Oh and tomorrow we get to find out whether baby #2 is a boy or girl!!!!!!!!

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