06 December 2011

Thanksgiving in San Diego

My family went to San Diego for Thanksgiving to see my sister play soccer in a tournament. Tons of fun. We drove down with my sister and her family and it was quite the drive. A 4,2,and 1 year old all in the same vehicle. We survived and enjoyed our time in sunny California.Camille and Bart were the brave ones who went swimming in the ocean. They really were just crazy, but it was fun to see them jumping in the waves. Even the surfers were wearing wet suits.

Unloading food from the shopping carts. We pulled off a pretty nice thanksgiving dinner for being in a small kitchen with no supplies.
Della and Josie.
Watching a soccer game. We got to see 3 games 2 wins and 1 tie. Yeah Cami
The whole group

Jordan being silly
The four of us went to the museum of the retired air craft carrier The U.S.S. Midway. So cool and fun and once in a lifetime experience.
This is on top of the midway, looking back at the city. You can't even tell we were on a giant ship, looks just like a long road.
Told Jordan he should have gone into the Navy and been a Pilot
On the midway looking out over the bay. Beautiful!!! San Diego was where Jordan and I went on our Honeymoon almost 3 1/2 years ago. It was fun seeing all the places we went and things we did.

On Thanksgiving night we went to the Mormon Battalion visitors center. It the our first time seeing it with it newly remodeled. So cool especially the Harry Potter like talking photos. They took our picture and gave us a copy for free. My sister Calista and my grandparents both served their mission to this visitors center.
Family Photo

I don't think Josie knew exactly what it was.
The Pier was just down the way from where we were staying and it was a enjoyable sight at night with the sun setting on the ocean.
The picture we took to announce baby # 2 for our Christmas cards. It took several tries but I think it turned out cute.

We found all kinds of things in the tide pools: starfish, sea anemone, crabs, sucker fish, sea stars, mollusks and had fun seeing how they work.

The view from the condo
Swimming in the pool. Josie was scared but loved splashing.

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