13 December 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

Since Jordan and I have been married we have not had a real Christmas tree, this year we have a home, so we got one. It is kind of small and set up in our bedroom since our front room is not done. I love it so much. I made a tree skirt out of cotton and burlap and it turned out cute. I think I need to add more to it so it is bigger. I also made burlap stockings and they turned out super cute. Josie had fun decorating the tree, but likes to take the ornaments off, so we gave her a cute little tree she can do whatever she wants with. Merry Christmas. We also woke up to snow. Love it!!!!
Jordan's stocking
All of the stockings hanging up on our closet curtian
Josie and her tree
I made some ornaments of all the different names of Christ and printed them on vellum. It turned out quite nice and reminds us of the tree meaning of Christmas.
Tree Skirt

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