20 August 2014


 For the fourth of July we drove over to Colorado and took Bonnie with us. We stayed in Grand Junction in a RV park cabin and went and saw Colorado National Monument. Beautiful. We went hiking and saw some fireworks. We also went and saw How to train your dragon 2.

 The next day we drove down to Montrose, Colorado and met up with Brenda and Fran. We went to the Russel Stover's Chocolate Factory, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, and ate some delicious Chinese food.

It was fun to get pictures of Maudie and Cole 

 The kids had a blast playing with their cousins and we thoroughly enjoyed the beauty

 I love this picture, because it explains our summer so well. We have loved having Bonnie living with us and chillin' outside on our lawn. Dylan decided to bring all the cars and bikes over by us.
      For activity days this month we did a junk food relay and one of the things was finding m&ms in cool whip. Josie didn't like the game so much, but they loved the pudding drop.

 I got my hair highlighted for the first time and I love it.

 Camille came and spent the weekend with us and we had a blast, shopping and playing.

 Swimming with Bonnie and Camille

 BBQ on the front lawn

 Jordan's work party was at his Boss's cabin in Scofield and it was a blast, with the bounce slide, horseback riding and lots of food.

 Classic Carbon county photo

 Water balloons on the front porch with the Jacksons.

 Josie layed out outfit for a trip north, cute!   Summer project, painting the trim and doors in the hallway.
 My favorite picture:

 We went to Brigham when Aaron got home from his mission and got to so up and fish at Newton reservoir, I got to see the Larsens, and we went shooting. We also went swimming at Logan pool.

Playing with cousins.

 Dinner on the front porch. It has been a lovely summer.

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