09 July 2014

Our new baby sister Maudie Leigh


The day I was due, I felt miserable and stayed in bed all morning. When I got up, this is what I saw. Flour and fingernail polish everywhere. Oh Dylan what a day.

Saturday - we drove the Energy Loop to see if we could induce my labor. Didn't work, but we were able to have fun, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Puppet Show with Bonnie
Picture ready to compare to our baby sister. Jordan, Carly, Josie and Dylan

Here she is: Maudie Leigh Yates born June 9 @ 9:10 am weighing 7lbs 2 oz. and 20 in long
her hair was quite the surprise
Everything went well and were blessed with a healthy baby girl. After nine hours of labor and two pushes, Maudie Leigh was born. I didn't have an epidural and was able to maintain composure. I had Jordan and my friend Sally there acting as my Doula and I couldn't have done it with out them. 

Comparing her to my baby picture

The kids came to the hospital and we had a dinner and birthday party for Maudie. The kids got new backpacks with fun surprises in them and we sang happy birthday to our new sister.

My mom came up from Brenda's Tuesday and stayed. My dad came and picked my mom up on Thursday and took out our fence. The kids had fun watching him and then playing in the holes, while we relaxed and enjoyed being outside.

Dylan is fascinated by my dad's mustache.

Maudie's first bath and enjoying every minute of her. 

That first weekend, I stayed home while Jordan took the kids to the Helper Car show at the park. He even bought the kids hot dogs. Dylan was confused about the boy stuck on the car. 

The first little while the kids wanted to hold the baby and we had a few moments of crying waiting for their turn. Now it isn't such a big deal to hold her all the time. 

We had a tea party Saturday night with Bonnie, complete with dress ups and decorations. It was a blast.

Happy Father's day Jordan - sporting his noodle necklace he got from Josie
Josie, my little artist and her bird she drew with chalk.

Leigh brought Vella down to our house and stayed and played for the day. It was fun to have Johnny play with the kids. My mother in law was here all week and was a big help. She helped make my birthday special. Josie bought me ring pops and candy and we enjoyed some sparklers on the front porch.

Jordan made my birthday symphony pie, which was delicious.

Blackburn reunion up at Huntington Canyon. We went up for the day and enjoyed good company and awesome four wheeling.

Jordan's parents spent Saturday and Sunday with us and we enjoyed a relaxing day.

Jordan received these pictures from his aunt. They are from his grandparents house and we are honored to have them in our home. 

The kids had a blast having grandma come and stay and spent lots of time playing, at the park and outside.

Our family

Celebrating Bonnie's birthday at the park

We took a picture of our Chevy cavalier when it reached 77,777 miles and our van reached it on our way up to SLC
We went up to SLC to see Mary Poppins at the Hale center theater with all the Yates cousins. Afterwards we went to Scheels to buy a swimsuit for Jordan and the kids has a blast. We stopped at a splash pad on the way home.

Painting rocks with crayons

We love our Maudie and have had such a good month. I have had a wonderful recovery and we are trying to enjoy our summer the best we can.


  1. Whenever I read your blog posts and see all the sweet beautiful things that you do for your children it makes my heart full and puts a smile on my face. I seriously wish our world was chucked full of moms as incredible as you. Your children are so blessed to have such a compassionate and creative mommy. I wish the very best for your sweet family.

  2. It is always so fun to see your pictures and what you guys have been up to! Which always looks like a lot of fun :) Maudie is such a cute and sweet addition to your beautiful family!