09 September 2014


                                         Maudie 2 months old                             chillin' on the front porch

 We went to Manti for my cousin's wedding and had a great day in the temple and seeing family. They had a photo booth, which was so much fun. Hard to get a perfect picture though. 

 Helper got lots of rain that turned into flash floods and there was a lot of damage done, Luckily we were ok, but it was a mess to clean up. This is my daughters and I in our matching maxi skirts I made with the help of my mom.
 We were able to go to Hawaii to celebrate Jordan's father's retirement with all his siblings and spouses. We took Maudie with us, which proved to be very very hard and was very stressful. I was extremely exhausted the whole time and Maudie had a hard time, constantly coming and going all the time. In the midst of it all we were able to see and do a lot. Hawaii is a beautiful place, but I learned that true paradise is being at home with your family.
 Maudie's hair went super curly in the humidity

 Diamond Head look out
Church at an awesome LDS church.          My favorite part of it all was seeing these windmills. 

Manoa Falls was my absolute favorite thing we did. Because of the hurricane they had it closed, but we hoped the fence and went. It was pouring rain and walking in a rain forest in the rain was awesome. It wasn't cold at all and Maudie even loved getting drenched. 

 Making shishkabobs

 It was Jordan and I's 6th year anniversary a day before we left.

 This was the place we stayed, right on the ocean, it was beautiful. I could have spent the entire week just relaxing here.
 The temple is absolutely beautiful, we were able to do sealing and enjoyed that time together.

Coming home we were exhausted but stopped at the park to enjoy some time with the kids. My mom took care of them and they did really well while we were gone. Coming back and getting back into the swing of things was really really hard. Dylan was super attatched for a while and Maudie had lost any sort of a schedule and cried for hours on end for about a week. I lost most of my milk supply and had to do a lot to bring it back. 

Helper Arts Festival
While we were gone Josie had her play performances and we missed all but one of them :( I am so proud of how well she did and had a blast helping out all summer long getting ready for it. 

My Dad brought down a slide for us. It is the same one I played on when I was a kid and my dad fixed it up and painted it. We love it. We also have been trying to finish our bucket list for the summer and so we made fruit pizza. Yum

 Enjoying the yard.
Dylan helping me make white grape jam from our vine.
 All Josie wanted from Hawaii was a grass skirt and she has had fun dancing in it.

 We made rainbow crayons with all of our old pieces of crayons.
  Maudie's hair is long enough to pull back.
 Color sorting the hair ties
  painting salt sculptures

One saturday we drove to town and checked out a park we hadn't ever been to, only to find it was the exact same play set that the other park in Price has, not much variety. :)  we drove back home on top of the plateau the surrounds Price. It was a beautiful day. The clouds here in Carbon County never cease to amaze me. We love living here. 

 Sunday Pictures!!!!

 Jordan taking pictures of me. He wouldn't stop so I turned to him and he took this picture. It turned out pretty good.
Our deer have eaten half our grape vine and most of our garden. :( 

For activity days we did a scavenger hunt and Josie joined in on the fun. 

 Tye Dye with Sharpies, so much fun!

 Face Painting and we pulled out the swing for Maudie. I am so glad I have this swing. It was my moms and still works. It has a hand crank which I love because I don't have to pay for batteries.
 Josie's Ana and Elsa dolls we painted.

                  Before                                                                                   After

This summer had a lot of projects planned but this was the only one we got to and took a long time. We painted the trim and doors in the hallway. We put beadboard wallpaper on the doors and it looks sooooo much better. It only tooks about two months and we had a doors off our bedrooms pretty much the whole time.

Bonnie moved out the first week of August and we miss her. We are so grateful to have had her with us this summer. When people ask me how I have adjusted to having three kids, I say that it has been great, because I have had a nanny, cook, maid and friend to help. Ask me in a month or two, now that I am doing things a lone.  

Another bucket list was to camp in our backyard. We were going to do tent camping, but we have been seeing a skunk roam around and didn't want to run into it. We had fun, we used our fire pit to roast smore's and slept pretty good, besides the fact that Josie threw up in the middle of the night. 

 Splash pad  and park near costco - We have been trying to stock up on our food storage stuff and took a special trip to costco and filled up the van. The kids had fun and on the way home wanted dinner. We didn't want to stop and Josie just kept whining. I told her she could eat a tortilla and when we get home we can have dinner. She still complained. Then we made tortilla faces and it solved the problem.

We found the skunk wandering around our yard in the middle of the day. Yikes!!!! so we called our neighbor over to shoot it. Jordan now claims he needs a gun. :)

Spending a Sunday afternoon with some families in our ward. We are sooooo grateful for the people who have become family and let us join them when we are far from our own families. 

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  1. Love all your pictures, always! You are such a fun and creative mom... Love the family summer bucket list :) I'm guessing you came up with it all together?