18 September 2013

Summer's end

TO many picutres so little time. It will take me too long to put the pictures in order. Here are the events of the last month. 
Camping in Moab with Bart and Bonnie
Josie spent a week in New Mexico with Della
Both grandparents came down to visit. 
Camping with the Dansie's at grassy lake
Labor day weekend in Brigham City
Trip to Provo to Cabela's
Visit from Bart when he worked down here for a week. 
Playing at the park
Kid's day at the park
ward friends, lydia and cousins
Birthday present: airplane ride around Carbon County!!!!
Rain, rain rain
Playing in the yard and the with our new pet rabbit
organizing the house, and enjoying the fresh produce, canned pears, jam
walking to church, making messes, starting preschool at home. 

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