26 July 2013

Summer Update

Things that have happened this summer:
Jordan went to Youth Conference
I started a science summer camp for kids, have 15 students
Got a new iphone 5 - love it mostly because of the pictures I can take
Splash pad in Springville - twice
swimming at the Helper pool
Celebrated my 26th birthday
Yosemite trip
Camping trip to Uintahs with Jordans family
Yates' family reunion
Visited Calista in Wellsville on the 24th
Trip to Brigham City, Centerville
Playgroup once a week - I am in charge
Babysitting Lydia, little girl Dyan's age
Enjoying our yard so much

 My two cuties, playing train, at the park, and playing in our sandbox

 Part of my garden

 Our swing! Every evening when it cools down we go outside and play on this swing. Such a good family time to be together. This swing is so much fun and all the neighbor kids love it to.

 Lydia and Josie at the park

 We were able to add 3 more magnets to our collection of national parks
 Happy Birthday to Leigh and I
 Splash pad in Springville

 Splash pad, Josie wearing a outfit I wore when I was three, and Dylan sitting in the cherry tree

 Sunday best, Dylan's favorite spot in the house(rocking chair), Cute Josie Mae and Dylan eating an apricot
 Wrestling with daddy, fireworks, helping Dylan to the park, and Dylan wanting to ride a bike
Camping in the Unitahs, Jordan gave me a bouquet of wildflowers, so cute

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  1. Cute Pictures Carly! So glad you guys are doing well. If I lived close I would sent Kyson to your science camp!