12 November 2013

Our Beautiful Fall

 Conference Weekend: Saturday in Brigham
 Friday night: USU football game at Mary's house

 Saturday morning we went to Emme's Soccer game. Girls night out we made this cute craft.

Sunday we spent in Centerville. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed some time outside.

Just a few of my kiddo

Having Bonnie down here to school is fun, even though she is super busy and we don't see her too much. Fall walks!!!!

Our Pumpins and our cute little Batmans. 

 I don't think Josie loves anything more than going to the toy place in Walmart, even if we don't have money she likes to sit on the horse. Our new toy room, has been nice. We have all the toys in one place and I don't have to have it cleaned up all the time, I can just shut the door.

 When we go outside, Dylan always goes for the four wheeler, he just climbs up and sits on it. He also likes to chew on the pears, from our tree.

Our rabbit has been so much fun, but sometimes is hard to catch. We brought the slide in the house for the winter and the kids love it. I think they play on it more inside than outside.

 Blanding Fall Trip: Jordan planning the trip, his favorite thing to do.
 Day 1: Just our family in Canyonlands National Park. We were pleasantly surprised. Lovely time of year to go. Perfect weather and not too many people. 

Day 2: Natural Bridges National Monument

 We went on a awesome hike that was supposed to be 3 miles and ended up being more like 5, but it was worth it. So beautiful!!!

Everyone on my side of the family was there and the cousins had the time of their lives.


Group Shot

Day 3: Fourwheeling in Arch Canyon
Seeing some Indian ruins and pottery was pretty cool. 
 My dad on his motor bike, having the time of his life. 

 We stayed in a place in Blanding that had a fun zipline and tramp, hot tub and plenty of room for all of us.

 Gathering around the table for dinner. It was so much fun to have everyone there and we want to make it some sort of tradition while Brenda lives in New Mexico.

When we got back from Blanding, Jordan was called to be the 2nd counselor in the Bishopric. Such a neat experience this has been. His father came down to set him apart as High Priest and my whole family was there. Our lives have gotten busier but we are excited for what lies ahead. I am so proud of Jordan and good righteous man he is.

 It is time for warm pajamas!!! A walk to the mailbox, we love having a long drive way.

 Spending a little time outside, before it gets cold. A dozen of our eggs. We get about three a day, almost too many for us to eat.

Our swing is the best addition to our yard.

Coloring on Dad's engineering sheets from work.

 Just a little dress up.

Dylan falls asleep on the ground now that he can crawl out of bed.

Spent some time in Centerville hanging out with Bart. He just got his dream job and I am so proud of him.

 Love my life and the ones in it.

Yates' Annual Halloween party. Jordan had the 50 miler bike ride, so I went up the just the kids. We had a ton of fun.

 Group shot

 Treats I made for a Halloween party

 Marty McFly and and Doc Brown from back to the future. 

Josie was the good witch Glinda from wizard of oz and Dylan as a scarecrow. We spent Halloween at the ward party and had a party at a friends house the next night. So much fun.
Josie watching the Wizard of Oz all dressed up. Party at the library was also a blast.
Cami's VHS soccer game went to state and we drove up to see the game. It was at the REAL stadium and such a fun time. They lost but did an amazing job. Josie loved it.

 Raking leaves with Daddy. Dylan and I took a nap and Jordan and Josie had too much fun with the leaves and the camera. Love their faces.

 We joined in on the fun later.

Fishing at Gigliotti Pond. Josie caught her own fish and so did Jordan.

 Caught you guys with cheez-its!

Playing with the flannel boards Sunday morning before church.
Can you tell what stories Josie created? Tree of Life and Nephi and his ship (Except his ship was way too small and all the people nearly made it sink :))

We have been so blessed and we are go grateful to have the time and energy to do the things we love with our family and loved ones. I am excited to see what lies ahead this Holiday season.

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