05 June 2012

Wedding, Garden and Fun

Josie                                               Dylan
I find they are similar in their looks. Love the dark brown eyes!

 Baking cookies with mommy!

 Spending some time at the park

 This is the outfit I made Dylan for Mary's wedding, I wanted him to fit in with everyone.

 Jordan's sister Mary and her new husband Ben!

City creek with my family!
 Ha Ha! the Memorial Day weekend traffic coming back from lake Powell and Moab. We went cruising by. We started counting boats and jeeps but it got to be to many. 

 We have a lot of these beautiful Columbine flowers growing in our yard, this is by far my favorite. 
So we finally planted the rest of our garden and hope things with work out. 
 Jordan taking a break after planting our big garden.
 My garden box is doing really well. So much fun!
 So we are going to try these topsy turvy plant holders for our tomatoes. 
 Our corn, and my cute little garden markers. 
 Some more beautiful perrenials our yard is constantly surprising us with. 
 Our house with green grass!

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