18 April 2012


It has been a crazy few months with lots going on and I have not been very good at blogging. This is just a summary of the fun things we got to do.

Wayne County - Ice Fishing with uncle Randy and visit with Grandma and Grandpa

Moab, The Black Box and Goblin Valley with Jordan's Family

Easter Weekend - Cedar Mtn and Working on our yard - My family visit
Our new chicken coop. Jordan and my dad spent the entire weekend on it and we love it!

Josie was a little scared of all the kids at the Easter egg hunt.
Dinosuar Quarry

Our Garden box we built - Our peas are now about an inch tall
New Bunk Beds
My precious daughter

I also got to go up to Davis County and do some observing at the end of March which was fun but required a lot of driving. I also attended the funeral of a dear friend Jessica Hunt, who has inspired me my whole life and will be greatly missed.

Now we are just waiting.... and waiting for our little boy to arrive. He is due here in just over a week. Hopefully he will come sooner, I think we are all ready.

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