28 February 2012

Presidents Day Weekend the the one after that

Treehouse museum in Ogden with cousins

Brenda, Fran and Della came up from NM and stayed with us. So fun to see them.
We went to my dad's school and had fun in his Airplane simulator. Josie loved it and wouldn't get out.

We decided to be spontaneous and go for a weekend somewhere fun. We drove to Green River Friday night, ate at the restaurant overlooking the river, stayed in a hotel there. The next day we drove out to the Binky sand dunes and just hung out for a while, then drove to Moab. In Moab we went on a short hike, went to Hole in the Rock and saw some fun animals and got Ice Cream and drove home. We stopped by IFA and saw the baby chicks too. Lots of fun but an exhausting day.
Swimming at the hotel

Swinging at the park by our house.

At hole in the rock near Moab. Josie wanted to ride the stone Lion
The first thing my Grandma said when she saw a picture of Jordan was that he looked like a Malboro Cowboy. We had to take a picture.
Feeding the camel at the exotic zoo near moab.
Hiking in Moab

We took a ton of shadow pictures and had a few turn out.
White wash dunes near green river, aka the Binky

Our "swagger" wagon

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