13 February 2012

Josie's 2nd Birthday and more

We celebrated Josie's birthday up in Centerville with my family and Jordan's parents. Lots of fun and Josie loved opening presents. She got a Dora backpack, a vacuum, doctor kit, stickers, a doll and a tricyle.

I made a butterfinger cake and it was really good.
The day of her birthday we let her open two more gifts. A dollhouse and a cleaning kit. I even got to use my banner I made last year.

Josie took a picture of herself and it actually turned out. She is saying cheese.

Visiting Great - Grandma
Painting with Grandma

Painting by herself
Painting in the bathtub

This weekend the weather was good so we spent sometime outside. We painted our pillar and door and think it turned out so much better looking. We drove the 4-wheeler around in our backyard and had fun riding the wagon down the driveway. Look below for the video.

We took a drive out to the reserve to look for elk. Didn't see any, but saw lots of deer.
More finger puppets for Josie

Car seat canopy I made

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