30 January 2012

Trying to make January exciting!

Josie likes to sit super close to the T.V. Now we have a rule she has to be on the carpet and can only watch 1 thing a day. Silly girl.
Our first real snow storm! We got stuck coming up our driveway coming home from church, I guess we are going to do a lot of shoveling.

Josie loves stickers and I had a idea of getting contact paper and putting it on the fridge and having Josie stick things on it. She had a blast. Her favorite were the buttons. She spent a long time putting things off and on.

We went out to eat at a Chinese place and gave Josie a fortune cookie. She was so funny trying to eat this, as if to say, I thought you said this was a cookie, not a dry piece of whatever. We laughed so hard.

We went up to Provo on Saturday and spent the day there. We first stopped at the Monte L. Bean Life museum at BYU. Josie had a blast, some of the bigger animals scared her a little, but she warmed up as soon as she realized they were not real. I liked it for several reasons. It's free, doesn't smell, you can see the animals up close, and you don't have to walk around that much.

We went shopping at University Mall for a few hours and I had a great time. Jordan was very patient and let me enjoy my shopping. He really wasn't as bored as he looks.
We finished off the day by stopping at Krispie Kream. Jordan had never been inside to see how they make the donuts. We had a fun sticky time.

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