13 April 2011

More projects

Our little dare devil. She thinks it is fun to get on our foot rest and rock back and forth. Scares me to death, so the foot rest spends a lot of time on the bed where she can't get to it.
It has been hard getting Josie to take naps in her crib, this is just one place she finally just crashed at.
Josie enjoying just one of my messes I make when working on things.
Felt shape box. I remember when my mom made these for my younger siblings. They are easy and lots of fun. You put a piece of felt on the inside and the felt shapes stick to it.
I got one of my old science books and went through and cut out every single animal and made this flip book of all different categories of animals. ( reptiles, horns, pollinators, desert, cold etc.)
I made my own princess matching game. I love to color and this was fun and easy to do.
I planted some beans, cucumber, tomatoes, and some flowers, and this is what came up. Now I have to figure out what to do when they get to big.

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