27 April 2011

Easter Weekend

Jordan had Friday off of work. We left and drove down to Monticello and stayed in a cheap motel. Josie loved being out of the car and in a new place. She explored the whole room several times cooing because she was so excited. Friday we drove to Mesa Verde National Park. It was so fun, to be outside, hiking and seeing such cool ruins. We had to hurry and so we hope we can go back soon and see the whole park. We then drove to Farmington NM to my sister Brenda's house. Long drives through Indian Reservations and a whole lot of nothing. Once there we went camping out at Angel Peak. We had dutch oven and saw a beautiful sunset. Saturday we came back to Farmington cleaned up and went to a easter egg hunt. Then we went and played Frisbee and had Easter dinner. We colored eggs and relaxed watching North and South ( a pride and prejudice type movie). Sunday we went to the Spanish Branch with Brenda and Fran and then drove home. We stopped in Blanding to see an college friend of mine. It was such a fun trip and so good to see family and visit. A long drive, but well worth it. Oh yeah on our drive through Moab we got to see all the jeeps from the Jeep Safari. Next on our wish list a JEEP!!

Mesa Verde
Josie loved being outside
Such cool Indian ruins

A coyote
Josie was so good in her car seat the whole15 hrs or more of driving
Camping with Brenda at Angel Peak in NM
On the road again. Such a beautiful drive
Twin rocks in Bluff Utah. I would live there if it wasn't so far away.
The Monticello temple
Brenda took pictures of our easter egg hunt. Check her blog. http://brendablackburn.blogspot.com/
Video of Josie climbing the stairs at mesa verde

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