11 April 2011

Fun Packed Weekend

This weekend was very eventful:

1. Friday: we went and ate the balance rock cafe for the first time. Such good food. We ran into our landlords and Josie had fun eating the super buttery toast.
2. We came home and camped out in our living room in our new tent. It was so much fun, but would have been better if we were outside.
2. Saturday morning we woke up before day light and drove up to Emma Park Road. Once there we met up with some rangers and looked for sage grouse. It is their mating season and the males put on quite a display. It was cold so we only got to see a few. We were able to borrow some scopes of other people there. We saw the males strut, gawk, and blow up their air sacks.
3. Came home from the sage grouse and ate breakfast, got ready for the day and did a few chores.
4. We went and saw the baby chicks at IFA. Josie couldn't stop cooing over them.
5. We went the to open house of a for sale by owner. We loved it and may end up buying it. It is so beautiful inside. My favorite things about it were: Yard, peach trees, deck, stainless steel appliances, stainglass windows, and large family room with a fire place. If you want to see more it is on KSL classifieds.
6. After seeing the house we came home and did some research on buying a home and looking into all those details, since we know little or nothing about buying a home.
7. We went to a furniture store and looked around for fun.
8. We went to Tony to see if we could win a free car. There were tons of people there and it was really cold. We had fun although we didn't win. Josie was really good and had fun staring at all the different types of people.

9. Came home ate some dinner watched some "Monk" ( Our new favorite T.V. show) and went to bed.


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