12 November 2015

October 2015

Conference weekend we spent up with family. One day with the Yates' and one with the Blackburns. My parents bought a bus they are going to make into a motor home and we got to see it for the first time. I was super sick the week before and even while up there. It was nice to get some TLC from my sisters.

Watching Mary Poppins

Friday night activity. We went shopping to get supplies them made sugar cookies and decorated them.

Josie's soccer team.  Her coach was Cami Erkkila her friend Hannah's mom.

One Saturday we went up to Anvitiquin to see the fall leaves. Except when we got there all the leaves were gone. We still had a fun picnic and made tee pees' with stick.

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For UEA weekend Jordan took a few days off and we went on a camping trip. We took the camp trailer and went and camped by Swazey's cabin. Camille came with us the first day and we had a blast.

Eagle Arch. We took the ATV trail from the cabin and got to see this arch and ended up down by I-70 under the bridges. Such a cool trail and nobody around.

The Lone Warrior Pictograph

I tease Jordan and Camille that they are the same person, just one male and one female. I took this picture because it sums up my theory.
Dutchman's Arch
After Camille left we drove the back way to Goblin Valley. It was a long bumpy dirt road but it was beautiful.

 Playing on the Goblins is one of my favorite things ever, even with thousands of people there.

We drove back to our campsite an even more remote dirt road. The kids were champs.

Saturday we went to the opening of the new tractor store in town and got to see some awesome tractors.

The kids are obsessed with books lately. Our living room looks like this on a daily basis.
Dylan got 7 warts burnt off and a flu shot all in one day. Poor kid was tramatized so we put this bandage on and he wouldn't take it off for a week. Everyone thought is was worse than it really was. But happy to say his warts are gone.

Camille and I on one morning she had free went to the antique store and the coffee shop in Helper. It was a fun outing. 

Jordan had a free friday so we took Josie out of school early and went up North. We went to NPS and then to temple square. The kids absolutely loved it. We were rushed so we didn't get to see much but will definitely be back soon.

That night we went to the Wittwer Halloween party in SLC. It was fun to see some Squires uncles and the kids had fun with all the games and prizes.

Saturday was the Yates' annual Halloween Party. 

Jordan - Coal miner
Carly - Minnie Mouse
Josie - Astrid from How to train your dragon
Dylan - Army guy
Maudie - Horse

Lots of games and even more candy.

 Playing in the leaves
Maudie does this with her neck and it is the cutest thing. Her first words so far: Daddy, Soft, Peek a boo, 

Josie took this picture of us watching piano guys one sunday.

Waiting to pick up Josie
Josie in her Halloween parade at school.

We spent Halloween, which was a beautiful warm day, racking leaves. The kids loved it and we took some awesome video.

That is definitely one thing I love about our home is the the big tall trees. You can beat that. 

Pictures before the ward party.
Maudie didn't want to cooperate. She went as Cindy Lou Hoo

After the ward party we went to a few houses. It was a great night and quite ideal. 

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