30 November 2015

November 2015

 We spent a day in Centerville and saw the improvements on the bus. We got go to my Dad's school and we made ornaments from wood from our pine tree.

 Camille tooks pictures with the kids while waiting for me after church.

 We have been doing a ponderize scripture with the kids each week and it is great how much it has brought peace into our home.
Josie spent some time drawing in Camille's book and she drew a self portrait. It is kinda scary and made Camille and I laugh quite a bit.

 Maudie enamored by the snow

 Enjoying fun at Josie's school fall carnival

 We wet bowling with the kids and had a blast. I sat and watched and the kids loved it. We were the only ones at the bowling alley and enjoyed some arcade games afterward.

 Family trip to the dump
 Chillin with Camille on the cuddle couch

 It snowed and the kids loved it. The snow was gone in a few hours but was fun. Dylan keeps asking when it is going to snow again.

 My cute kiddos!!!!

 We did a puzzle and made huts and put up our Christmas decorations the week before we left for Thanks giving. tis the season. Jordan spent hours putting up lights and did a great job.
 Looking at the Christmas Village at the JC Penny windows.
 Our family trip to Ouray Colorado on the way to New Mexico for Thanksgiving.

 Hike to Box Canyon Springs. Easy Hike, fun fresh snow, awesome

Carried Maudie up these 96 stairs. The view was great at the top.

 Maudie got her hands in the snow and they got cold so she wasn't too happy towards the end.

 Ouray was a beautiful town. The houses had lots of charm, dirt streets and wildlife. We went out to eat at a Fancy restaurant called the Outlaw.

The hotel we stayed at had natural hot pools. We had them to ourselves and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The kids had a blast and the setting was perfect, beautiful snow everywhere. 

 The drive over to Durango was absolutely breathtaking. It snowed last week there about 3 feet so everything was covered in snow, but the roads were clear.
 In Durango we went and saw a movie together as a family and went to the train musuem.

 We drove the rest of the way to Brenda's house in New Mexico. We have not been there as a family since Josie was 1. They just moved into a new home they bought and it was so good to see how happy they are in their new home. It is such a nice home and Brenda has a decorated so well. The men spent much of the weekend installing new windows in the house and were able to get them all done. The weather was good enough for the kids to spend time outside playing. Calista and her family were there, and my parents. Bart, Ben, Bonnie and Camille stayed home for work. We missed them but it seems they had a lot of fun without us.

 Maudie loved cuddling with Grandpa.

 Baby Ayleena fascinated Maudie and she did really good to be soft and not hurt her, and she was ok with me holding the baby.
 Movie Night on the iPad's in two different rooms because Brenda doesn't have a TV.

 We went to take family photos but it was freezing and Dylan was in a face making mood so we didn't get a super good one, oh well.

 My dad took me on a date to the Dusty Attic in Farmington and it was fun to see how excited he got over the store and deals in general. He found a Mercury Thermometer for his periodic table.
 We celebrated my Dad's 59th birthday with a party and balloon animals. It was great!! We drove home and stopped in Moab to go hiking even though it was freezing. Josie was made that we couldn't go on a longer hike. I guess that's a good thing right?

 Calista's kids had some sort of flu while we were in New Mexico. On Sunday Maudie got sick and threw up all over Jordan during sunday school. Pretty bad and embarassing. She is fine now. We spent Sunday planning the upcoming week, watching the new LDS.org christmas video and playing Dixit with Cami. Such a fun game and the kids loved it. Can't wait until December. We have all our Christmas Shopping done and can focus on the season.

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