13 July 2015

June 2015

 Met Bonnie at the Park in Provo and said goodbye before she went to the MTC. We had lunch and played, it was a blast. Will will miss her so much, but are very excited for her.

 The kids play at the park when I do scouts, and are good for the most part, I just wish Spring Glen had a better playground.

Lunch at the park

Before Bonnie left we took a trip down to Wayne County. It has been two years since we have been and a must needed trip. Jordan stayed home because he had to go to girls camp, So I drove with Cami and Bart down. 

 We hiked Hickman's Bridge and my mom took some cool photos of my kids.

 The whole crew

My grandma's house. Oh how many memories I have of this place. It was such a peaceful trip and a much needed reminder to slow down and enjoy the beauty around.
 Bonnie and Josie playing dolls one last time.

 We caught a lizard and played with it for a long time. It was really tame and would just sit on the kids hands without running away.

 The cows and cuddling with Grandpa

 My uncle Randy was so nice to saddle up the horses and give the kids a ride. They loved it!!

 Summer fun.

Craft night with Camille. She made the mountain scene and I did our last name. So much fun and so easy. 

 MAUDIE is 1!!!!

Photo shoot on her birthday!

 I have memories of days before Maudie was born and the peonies were in bloom, now when the peonies are in Bloom I will think of her birthday.

It was a blast celebrating outside. 

 Aprons I made for Sierra's bridal shower, and I got my hair colored for my birthday.

 We took a day trip to starvation reservoir. It was a beautiful day and not crowded at all.

 Playing at the splash pad in Provo with Camille, while mom shopped at Costco.

 Our neighbors dug up a borrow of rabbits on accident and killed the mom, we tried to take in the baby bunnies and nurse them back to life. They lived for 5 days, then all died. It was super sad, but it was fun holding them and feeding them with a dropper. They looked like little rats.

 My 28th birthday. Jordan was full of suprises and I loved it. Cheesecake, a swimsuit, and lots of fun.

 Jordan and I went with our ward to Youth Conference in St. George. It was a blast and we did some fun things. My favorite was repelling. It amazes me how scaring something like that can be and how once you do it, you feel like you can conquer anything.

 Camille watched our kids while we were gone, bless her heart and when we got back we went to the car show at the Helper park.

 I took the boy scouts up to day camp in Mapleton and they had a lot of fun. I even got to shoot the bb guns.

 I started my science camp at the library and it has been fun. It is a lot of work but the kids love it. Here they are dressed up in their own astronaut outfits.

Storytime and Maudie's hairdo

 The Helper pool finally opened and we have a pass and go all the time. It has been so much fun and the kids have become really brave and not so afraid of the water. It has been a good month.

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