09 June 2015

May 2015

 At the begining of May we went up to Emme's Baptism. Jordan and Dylan celebrated their birthdays at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We had a blast being with family since we missed out over conference. I gave a talk at Emme's baptism and felt honored she asked me. We had yummy food at David and Chelsea's and enjoyed visiting. Grandpa took the kids on wheel barrow rides which Dylan thought was so cool.  We went on a hike, went and saw Mary's new house and ended the trip with Leslie's baby shower.

Bonnie spent a few extra days with us after school got out and before she moved home. We had a blast. Movie nights, Perle Beads, and just hanging out. We are really going to miss her. 

 Josie was a doll and made lunch for me, hot dogs!!

We went shopping with Bonnie before she went on her trip to Vegas with Bart, Cami and Benson. We got some awesome deals and some fun shoes. We ate yummy food, played at the park, load the car with Costco in a rainstorm and played at another park. 

The car packed with stuff and trying to avoid the rain. 

 They went to Vegas and had a blast, I was jealous I couldn't go with them.

 I did Josie's hair for her dance and music recital and it turned out good. Grandpa and Grandma Yates came down and we had fun seeing Josie in her performances. Jordan had a sore back that day and it was a miserable day for him, but luckily he was able to get better.

 We went and got ice cream at the gas station and they had a cool collection of cars.
On Mother's day I wore my great grandmother Ione's dress. I also wore my Grandma Viola's jewelry. It was a good day. Our ward gave out CD's of different people in our ward singing or playing the piano. I have a solo on the CD which was pretty cool. 

 I milked my friend Sally's goat for two days. It was fun, the kids loved seeing the animals and I had fun with a old chore. I laughed at Jordan because he couldn't do it!

We made sun catchers with leaves and flowers in them. 

Josie finally got a new bike. It took a long time to find a good one and we got a blue one that Dylan can have when Josie is done. 

                                                                                                         Reading with Daddy
 We planted a whole bunch of flowers in our front bed so that it was nice for Bonnie's farewell. I went over to the Hansons for a picnic lunch and Maudie was enthralled with their dogs.

Josie has been playing with our neighbor Jerzee a lot this summer. Here they made a heart of different kind of nature things. 

At book club I put Maudie in the door jumper and she didn't know what to do and ended up just twisting herself up. It was quite hilarious. I made a chocolate lei for Cami for her graduation and it turned out awesome except for the fact that she graduated on June 4th and it melted. 

I am doing a science camp this summer at the library and I am so excited. I have over 30 kids enrolled and hope to donate over $500 to the library. Here are some art bots I tried out with the kids. 

 We went camping on Friday and Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. My family came down for Bonnie's farewell and I convinced them to come early and go camping. We went down to Buckhorn wash and had a blast. We found an indian cave, Geodes, and saw what they call the Black Box. It was rainy a little bit but made for some awesome skies and scenery.

Saturday night Calista joined us at our house. She came up from Texas to surprise Bonnie. The next day Brenda came and was here for the farewell. We had so much family in our little home and it was so much fun. We had a FHE in our front room with our bible felt people and the kids loved it. 

 Monday we drove out to East Carbon and looked at the coke ovens. My mom has more pictures, but they were awesome.  There was a super random park out there and all the cousins had a blast. We had lunch and then everybody went home.

 That night we went to Balance Rock as a final farewell to Bonnie and a Welcome to Camille.

 My science camp stuff. Lots of stuff to do and get ready for.

We moved the T.V. downstairs and it has been so much more fun watching movies. Dylan had his Gymnastic performance and did relatively well considering he was on the spot and there were lots of people watching. 

 The last weekend in May Jordan went to a stake boys camp up by scofield. We didnt get to see him much, so we drove him up and dropped him off and then went on a hike and had a picnic dinner. It was absolutely beautiful and the weather was hot and sunny like summer should be like.

 That Saturday my friends and I threw a baby shower for my friend Charlyn. The kids had a blast playing outside. Jordan came home and brought with him his Captain Helaman hat he made for a mock battle. He was pretty proud and I was pretty impressed with his creativity.

 We took the kids to the church parking lot and let them ride their bikes while we sat and chatted. We love where we live. Our friends, our ward, the scenery and our cute kiddos.

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