14 April 2015


It snowed enough to build a snowman!!!!
Before and After of the stairs we refinished.

 We took a saturday and drove down to I-70 and the swell. We went to the Black Dragon Wash. It was a delightful day. Beautiful weather and perfect company. We made up Indian names and had fun pretending in the wash near the pictographs.


 This is an old dead tree near our house. Jordan and I went on a four wheeler ride.
Josie spent a week in New Mexico at Della's house with Bonnie for spring break. While she was gone I had to keep Dylan busy. We went to the dinosaur museum and Dylan loved it. 

 We bought some baby chicks, which Dylan incidentally killed three of the four. Maudie was enthralled.

We went to Moab with the Yates'. It was perfect weather and perfect company. Aaron proposed to Sierra and lots of memories made.

Park with the kiddos

I was able to do some observations this spring. This is in one of the classrooms, I thought it was a cool way to display National Geographics.

We drove to Provo to get some stuff for Bonnie one Saturday. We stopped at the Spanish Fork Canyon Park, The Sportsman, and the Provo City Tree.

Sunday best!

Maudie is standing up to things and moving along the couch. She wants to grow up so fast so she can keep up with Josie and Dylan.

My dad came down and helped put in a door for us. We got a good one at the D.I. for $45 and spent another $150 to put it in. It was a big pain. The old door had been cemented in, so there was nothing to put the new door in against. Crazy, but my dad did it, and saved us several hundred dollars.

Camille came and spent some of her Spring Break with us. We drove up to Joe's Valley, and went Kayaking and flew a kite. Beautiful day and company.

We ended the month by getting sick. We have been so blessed to have stayed healthy and strong all winter. This cold/flu/fever lasted over a week and we couldn't go up for Easter and Conference, we just stayed home. Josie was super dissapointed and even grumpy about it for a week.

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