02 March 2015

February 2015

 February was such a good month! Good weathers, lots of time with family and friends.

 Sunday Best and min photo shoot.

We played pictionary for FHE and Josie did such a good job. She did the stake conference one, complete with the flowers on the stand. 

 These kiddos love to watch shows and one day I caught them doing this. Josie remembered the password on Jordan's ipad after just hearing it once. The sneaky little girl.

 Josie is in a dance class. She loves it. It is at the church and free. I get to visit with friends and Dylan runs around the gym. We all win!

 February had so many good days. We went to the park a lot. Maudie loved going down the slide with Josie. She will be so much fun this summer. I can't wait.

Josie's birthday cake. It is a paint palate. She was so excited for her birthday and we threw a fun Art Party with all her friends. Bonnie and Jordan were great helpers and we managed to keep 15 kids happy and busy for two hours. 

 The room set up.

 The Photo booth, even Jordan got involved.

 Just some of the activities. We did silhouette paintings, spin art, painted rocks, photo booth, pinata balloons, and face painting.

 Bonnie did the face painting and the kids loved it. The favorite was the dinosaur that moved with your mouth.

Instead of presents, I had the kids bring a coloring book or some markers. Josie was thrilled with her new stash of art supplies.

 Playing ink a bink with everyone. I am amazed at how these kids love this game and will sit still for it. My friend took Dylan and Maudie during the party, which was such a help. This is the fun hairdo Maudie came back with.

 We had a family party that night and opened up some gifts.

 That night Josie went to the annual daddy daughter dance at the Morley's. By the end of the day she was worn out.

 Saturday, Josie's real birthday we drove up to Lindon to Aunt Leigh's house. Grandpa and Grandma Yates came, along with Chelsea and her girls. Aaraon was there with Sierra too.  We went to the temple while the kids played at the park.
 We had pizza for lunch with cake and presents.
 Dylan had a blast with Johnny's trains.

 We went down to the provo river walk and had a blast walking the dogs.

All the cousins had a blast playing with each other. I am so glad we got to do this. My kids love their cousins they don't get to see a lot.

Josie doing her puzzles she got for her birthday

 Another trip to the park, complete with a packed lunch.

Just some pictures from our everyday life. The kids got these mouth pieces from a happy meal and love them. 

 For activity days this month we did water color lessons. The girls loved it. We did these silhouettes and they turned out so good.

 I did the ones of the balloon and umbrella girl, that I am going to put in Josie and Maudie's room.

 Family Night at the Wave pool with dinner at the park before hand.

 I love these moments when my children play so well together and give me a break and a chance to catch my breath.
 We walked to the library one week.

These are our valentine monster boxes we made. 

We had a no TV week and the kids and I did it. We were rewarded with some yummy ice cream.

 My parents have been so good to come and visit us a lot this year so far. My dad drove down one Saturday and brought Daivanie to spend the week with us while her parents were in Cancun. While my dad was here they framed in the room in the basement and added a door to the bathroom. They worked hard and Jordan learned a lot. It was fun to  learn how to do something he has never done before. Now we have a real looking bedroom downstairs and an awesome walk in closet. I also have been working on the stairs and they are finally done!

 The girls made awesome fairy gardens outside while the men worked on the basement. It was valentines day so we made cherry pies and pretzels in heart shapes.


 We had a lot of fun having Daivanie here for the week. We went to the library, swiming pool and had fun activities all week. For FHE we talked about having our home a temple and the kids built temples out of blocks.

Josie's Ant she made at the library out of the engineering blocks.

We got some much needed bedding at our house and we are loving it. 

I drove up to Centerville to take Daivanie back. I spent a few days there. We had a so much fun. Here Dylan is playing in one of the shopping cart trucks that my dad got from the dumpster. We went to Kohls and found these awesome treasures of life sized Olaf. The kids were thrilled to play with them while my mom and I looked at pillows. 

 Benson got his eagle scout and so I made him this cake. It turned out so cool and it was super easy. It was my mom's birthday and we went out to eat. Bart came over a couple times and it was good to visit with him. Maudie learned to stand up to things.
We took the kids to two libraries. One in Centerville and this awesome one in sugarhouse. Free entertainment!!!!

 My cousin and her husband have opened a gym in sugarhouse and we went to the open house. I am happy for them and wish them the best.
For my mom's birthday I went couch shopping with her and this is the couch she bought! 
Here it is in her house. 

 Bart and Ben playing a game I bought for my kids at the DI
So everytime Bart comes over they pull out the pet rat. Pinky is still around, Brain got fed to a snake in exchange for so help on Bonnie's Christmas present. Dylan loved playing with it.  

My dear sister Bonnie got her mission call and announced it on Saturday night after Ben's eagle. She came up with Jordan (who was at university of scouting) and Camille (Who was down for soccer tryouts at USU eastern). She is going to the Virginia Chesapeake mission and leaves June 10. Such a fun weekend to spend with my family. 

 Playing with the new game for FHE with the kids. You flip the monkeys up on the tree.

 Rainbow park on a beautiful day.

 We went with Bonnie to a USU eastern basketball game they had during the day. The kids loved it. We went shopping afterwards and Bonnie bought this cute missionary coat.

 I get to do some more work for my UConn professor again this year. I had a web conference training and luckily the kids did rather well playing in the back room.
Maudie is still a little unsure of herself when she stands.

 Friday night, not many option but watching movie, so we went tot he church instead and played basketball and the kids rode on the wiggle car. Such a delight.

 Saturday we needed to get out and do something fun. Jordan spent the morning helping at a wrestling tournament for the community and had so much fun. When he got home we bundled up and went for a drive. We stopped at a spot we want to go camping at and then out to the wedge. It was kinda storming and snowing a little but it made for one beautiful view.

We stopped and cleaned off the truck on the way home. It was a muddy mess.

 We finished the night by cleaning off our children. They were a muddy mess too.

My greatest gift. I love them all so much! I am so glad they are mine forever. We have just the funnest time doing things together. Our favorite thing is going on spontaneous trips to see the beautiful world we live in.

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  1. Josie's birthday party looks like it was so much fun! I also love seeing your home improvements. Bryce needs someone to watch so he can be a bit more handy :) Another fun month for you guys!