05 December 2014


Cleaned out Josie's coloring books and she had about 6 of them filled. 
We went Geocaching for the first time with our family. There was one hidden just down the street from us. It was a perfect outing as a family and hope we can find more. 

Dylan got stuck in our chair. 
Puzzles and movie night. We watched Hook and did puzzled we got at the dollar store. 
I have been looking for a cabinet for a long time that fits in the space by our stove. I found one and it has been so nice to have just a little more space to put stuff.

We went up to attend the temple and spent some time at the NHMU. It was the first time we had been there and it was a lot of fun. Such a cool looking building and the kids got to touch some snakes and frogs. Bonnie came with us and was a lifesaver on the way home. we kept taking pictures of Dylan with the flash and then showing them to him. He still cried most of the way home. :(

Just some fun photos with my kiddos 

Josie and Dylan like to watch short videos on the tablet and if I don't keep it hidden I find them in random places watching together. I painted Josie's fingers like a turkey. 
Josie has bee wearing her hat around the house just like the little girl in Despicable Me. 

Josie and I went on a date to the craft and book fair. We got a sample done of Jamberry nails.

Annual Soup night at the College. We were triplets! Dylan was eating the butter by the cube. Ewww

Rolling pumpkins down the slide on a Sunday afternoon.

We went to IFA to get chicken feed and looked at all the toys and cowboy stuff. 

I went to Vernal for my cousin McClain's mission farewell and got to see lots of Blackburn family and my Grandparents

I went up to Centerville for a funeral and got to spend some time without Josie and Dylan and Jordan. I went with my Dad to his school and worked on some projects. It was a blast. I got to see how his 3D printer works and built a stocking holder.

My tree skirt I made.
Stocking holder
My favorite picture is of my three kids sitting on the couch. Notice this is the third picture like this. 
It snowed and actually stayed for a few days. The kids had a blast playing outside. I can't keep Dylan from eating the snow. 
Christmas decorations. I love how they turned out this year, so much more  Christ centered. 

Our pile of the kids' nativities they can play with. 

French braid of Maudie's hair.

Space Ships we made for FHE
Thanksgiving weekend. Hiking, dancing the turkey, Maudie 6 month photo shoot,  pie making, gingerbread houses and lots of playing with cousins. 

Dylan and Jordan at the work party
Jordan got to go fishing with his brothers over Thanksgiving at Mantua. 
Eating Wendys and playing at the "small" park.

So much to be grateful for this month. We have been blessed with good health, family outings and a warm roof over our heads. 

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