05 November 2014


Some Candids of our everyday life.

Hanging out at the library, eating carrots in the car and making temples out of legos.
Hanging out at the park waiting for friends to come.

For FHE we went on a walk on the river walk trail in Helper. It was beautiful with the fall leaves, Josie and I even attempted to climb the hill of stairs. The view was awesome minus the telephone wires. 

We got a whole bunch of look and find books at the library and the kids looked at them for hours. I let Josie put makeup on me and i did hers to. 

Black eye                                                                       Sisters

My mom and dad came down to visit one Sunday and we had a delightful time visiting. I made Salmon for my daddy and the kids loved cuddling.

Josie went to the fire station for preschool and got some fun hats.
We went on our fall trip down to Kanab. We stopped in Richfield and got to go swimming. We met a cute little boy from the Netherlands and taught him the baby shark song, and he loved it. 

On the way to Kanab we went on a bike trail. We only had two bikes so we had to take turns. Bonnie was with us and we had fun, despite flat tires, forging a river and Jordan falling into the river. :)

Once in Kanab we met up with the rest of my family. Brenda had come from New Mexico and Calista from Logan. We went to a gorgeous park and enjoyed taking family pictures, a birthday party, and a hike.

We went to the sand dunes the next day, which was so much fun. We got a sand sled and enjoyed sledding without the cold. We got to go visit Jordan's grandparents graves too.

The little Hollywood museum all to ourselves. It was a nice break and so nice to spend time in Southern Utah in the fall.
Enjoying the last few moments in our yard before it gets to cold. 

I drove to the store and all three kids had fallen asleep, I turned the car off and just enjoyed the silence. Just what I needed. 

Jordan brings home prints from work of his buildings and this is how Josie colored it. We also watch a old family favorite movie of mine "Polly" and it was fun to see Josie enjoying the movie and songs just as I did when I was young. 

I took a pumpkin and melted crayons on it with a blow dryer with the kids, It made a mess, but turned out cool looking. Josie likes to have Maudie sit by her and it is precious.

Carbon county had a coal rally and I took the kids to it by myself. We enjoyed some free dinner, a trunk or treat, cotton candy and playing at the playground.

We went up to Brigham City for the Yates' annual Halloween party. We dressed up at characters form Wreck it Ralph. Josie was the Glitch, Dylan was wreck it Ralph, Jordan was Fix it Felix, I was Agent Calhoun and Maudie was a gummy bear. So much fun.

Another pinata, my kids have been spoiled this month with them.

Grandpa took the kids down by the river and told them scary stories.
Maudie is almost 5 months and weighs 12 lbs. Still tiny and immensely cute.

Decorating pumpkins. The pumpkins we got this year were super soft and allowed for easy carving. I did a cool owl and Jordan did the Jack o lantern. The kids had a blast.

Our sweet neighbors came by and brought the kids pumpkin buckets full of candy and toys. The kids have been carrying them around and putting all sorts of stuff in them. 

I pulled Maudie's hair back in pony tails, and she looked so different. 

Dylan and his yougurt. That kid :)

Raking leaves with Daddy! A fall favorite tradition, I seem to always be pregnant or have a little baby and miss out on the fun.

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