27 May 2013

 Josie's getting her tonsils and adenoids out! She was a trouper and loved her singing pink bear!
 Dylan is 1 yrs old! Can't believe it. We love this little boy sooooo much!!!!
His turtle cake I made. 
 Happy 1st Birthday Dylan!!!!

 I think Josie was more excited about his toys then he was!
 Loves cars!
 He got a sand table and it has been fun to have in the yard!
 Treats for our family movie night! We watched Wreck it Ralph
 Jordan's 28th Birthday! We love you babe. He also got a Geigrieg backpack, but it hasn't come in the mail yet. He got some pants, Imagine Dragons CD and a book on the Apostasy by Callister!

 Chocolate Cheesecake!
2nd Camping Trip: Cedar Mountain 

 Jordan's co workers Travis and Justin and their families came out and we had dinner together. They left and we stayed the night. It was perfect weather and we got to go on an awesome hike. 

 Jordan's latest from work! The Barrick! Took over 4 months to design and build. There is a giant generator inside. I think it looks pretty awesome.
 Brenda and her cute little kids came up and visited for a few days and we had a blast! The kids played so well and it was fun to have some cousin time!

 Last minute we all pulled together to help Calista out and get her back to Kentucky to be with her husband for the summer. I went with her and drove to Iowa, Brenda stayed and watched my kids for a few days and Bart came down and helped watch my kids when Brenda went back home. It was a crazy spontaneous weekend but we are glad we could help Calista out. While back there we stayed with my cousin Sarah and Ryan and got to go and see a quick version of Nauvoo. I rode the train back and had quite the experience. It took 26hr and met some strange but nice people. Read a lot and relaxed. Spent Mother's day missing my sweet kids and husband. Next time I ride the train it better be with someone I can talk to!

 The lounge car. You could see out and it was an amazing view through Colorado. Also the train went through over 40 tunnels.
 This little 2 yr old was struggling, so I pulled out some toys and entertained him for a while.

Camping trip #3: Consumer's with Bryan and Sheena

 Bryan took his truck on some awesome roads in his 4X4
 Went and saw an old railroad bridge, we had a blast walking along the old track and took some cool pictures. 

 Fishing at Gigliotti pond by our house. We had so muck fun hanging our with Bryan and Sheena and glad they came all the way down to see us. Camping, Fishing, Pizza, Movie, Kite Flying, Enjoying our yard and going to church!
 Friday night bike ride, sort of. Jordan rode in the bike with Josie and I had roller blades pushing Dylan in the stroller. We went on the new Price river bike trail. We got ice cream half way through. 

Saturday trip to Wayne County: Brenda and her family were there and my parents came down in the afternoon. Got to see some fun animals and family. Relaxing, Visiting and enjoying the land. Always a pleasure being in Wayne county.

 Love this picture of Josie Mae
 Got to see Baby pigs, cows, horse and kittens. Josie loved it!
 We went up to Sunglow on a hike. We followed the stream bed up. Stopped halfway and played in the sand and water. My mom has more pictures I need to get from her. We left our kids with my parents and hiked up with Brenda and Fran to the top. Once up there we got to see a baby owl.

 Here is the owl. It blended well into the rock.

 Our U2 pose
 Jordan showing off his cute backpack, oh and the scenery behind him. 
Ending on a good note: my cute Josie Mae and her matching skirt and Popsicle.

This movie is of Dylan and putting his hand in a calf's mouth. Pretty awesome!

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