15 April 2013

Spring is in the air!

 It has been a busy month, so lots of pictures! We went to the St. Patrick's day parade with our friends the Evan's and the Sowells. Windy but fun!

 Josie playing with her dinosaurs and lining them up and also here dollhouse with fruit loops on each piece of furniture.
 Eating Lunch Outside
 Spaghetti in the bathtub! Super messy and hard to clean up but it was a blast!

 Provo for the day! Eating orange rolls at the lion house pantry, shopping and the park!

 We made a city on the other side of a rug, for cars. It has been quite fun! Josie is playing here with Malachi!

 Playing with daddy's funky glasses and building a hut in the basement!

Baking soda and colored vinegar! Fun!

 Standing and almost walking

 On a walk to the park! We love how we live so close to the park!

 Riding with Grandpa Blackburn
 We got baby chicks and Dylan was estatic about them, luckily he didn't kill them!

Camping Easter Weekend: Temple Mountain
We went camping with our tent trailer with our good friends the Erkkilas'. We had a blast! Perfect weather and perfect scenery!

The kids loved playing in on the beds and we had so much fun hanging out! 

 Family Picture

 We got kinda lost looking for Butch Cassidy's hideout so we stopped and let the kids get out and run around. Long dirt road drive, but the kids were great!
 When we got back from camping my family came down to help us cut down our pine tree. It went rather smoothly and saved us lots of money. We did lots of yard work and had an easter egg hunt and they were able to stay for Easter Sunday! Thank you my family for all your hard work!


We went to Jordan's mission reunion and they had this awesome playhouse in the basement under the stairs, perfect for my little Josie Mae!

I added divisions to our garden box to try the square foot gardening method better. I also put up a mailbox next to it so that I can keep all my small garden tools next to the garden box. 
Our Sandbox! Got the tire from a tire store, and added the umbrella. We love it and it is going to be so much fun this summer!

 Easter Egg Hunt with Cousins!

Tree House Museum and Cousin Sleepover!

 We celebrated Jordan and Dylan's Birthday when we were up for the weekend!

Girls Night Out while the boys were at Priesthood
 My cute Boy! Can't believe he is almost 1!

 Sunday Afternoon Tea Party!

Love my man!

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