16 November 2012

October Camping and Halloween

 The view from our front room window
 Tractor ride with Grandpa Yates
 We bought a tent trailer and got to use it in the middle of October. We are so excited to be able to use it all summer next year. It has a trailer in front of it for two fourwheelers. So much fun. We took it on a loop road trip from Moab to Lake Powell.
 Camping along the river in Moab.
 My family camped with us on their way to visit my sister in New Mexico and we had a blast hanging out in the tent trailer and enjoying Moab.

 Arches! The last time Jordan and I were here together was when we held hands for the first time 5 years ago, now we are married with two sweet kids. 

 The view from of Castle Valley on our way up the Manti-La Sal loop

Newspaper Rock, just outside of Monticello, such a cool site to see. 

 Natural Bridges National Monument ( See the Bridge in the background the next few pictures are on our hike to the very bottom of the bridge. Crazy hike)

The hike included several staircases and ladder, quite the adventure especially with two kids.
 Fourwheeling by our campsite in Natural Bridges
 Lake Powell, we just stopped by on our way home. Most of it was dried up, but Jordan got to see what Lake Powell is all about.

 We found a grasshopper out by the mailbox and we had to put it on the table next to Josie plastic one.

 COUSINS - Brenda's kids Della and Eli

 Sitting up and crawling
 My wreath I made.

 Josie's train with her chairs

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