09 October 2012

Family, Leaves and Kids

 Rolling around on the floor, Dylan absolutely loves his stomach and Josie loves playing with him.

 A few weekends ago we went up and spent the weekend in Centerville. I got to help get Bonnie ready for homecoming which was fun, Bart took her, such a sweet brother.
 Lovin the hammock

 Calista had her baby on Sept. 20th and he is adorable, we were able to see him just days after he was born and Calista was so brave and did a home birth and all went well. This is baby Kyran.

 Bonnie was taking pictures for her AP art class and we took some of Dylan, his own little photo shoot.
 I stayed in Centerville over into the next week so that I could watch Camille play soccer. She is on the VHS team and they did a great job. Thanks Cami being so good that I could come and watch.

 We took a Saturday and went up Ferron Canyon to see the leaves. We were suprised to see pine nuts, so we collected some. Yummy!

 Trying to get the pine sap off with diaper rash cream. It work rather well. 
 Fourwheeling around
 Love this picture

 The clouds were absolutely beautiful by the lake and my favorite apsen trees were in full color.

 Family picture atempts

 Dylan loves food!!!

 Walk to the park
 General Conference fun for Josie
 Lining up her toys in one Giant line
My precious baby boy

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