22 August 2012

A much needed catch up! July-August

4TH of July
 The "cake" I made for Ben's Birthday!

 Hanging out at the Centerville Park and listening to music. Enjoyed some fireworks after.

 Watching the parade. Josie loved getting the candy!

 Ben and Cami's visit to our house. We went swimming at the Helper Pool!
 Just a little bit from our garden. The carrots didn't get very big because Josie kept pulling them up.
 Our little snow white
 Saying goodbye to Aaron at Chuck a Rama before he left on his mission!
 Trying to get the toys out of blocks of ice. Such a good idea and keeps her so busy!
 School- don't know if she is learning much, but she is having fun!
 Mommy's Major Hunk!
 Naps seem to just get harder and harder every day, I am just thankful anywhere they fall asleep. 

 My two naked babies. Luv them!
 Dylan's outfit for Bryce and Leslie's Wedding.
 We got this swing up at my parent's house and brought it back and it is a lifesaver, mainly because Josie can't climb in it and she can't pull Dylan out, like she could our other swing. 
 International days in Price. We went to the Parade and the party at the park. I think Josie likes parades now
 Sunday lounging around!

 Gave Josie some yogurt and walked away, big mistake, she found out couch and painted herself!
 Airplane Dude!
 Dylan's Blessing outfit! It is the same thing Jordan wore when he was blessed. Thanks Vella for saving it. 
We were so lucky to have lots of family come up for Dylan's blessing. My grandparents came from Loa and so did all of our brothers and sisters and parents. We missed Brenda and Fran and Robert and Aaron, but other than that we had everyone make the trek down. Thanks!
 Lunch on in our beautiful yard. 

 Josie thinking she wants lots of cereal for breakfast!

 We love our little backpack and use it for Dylan all the time. He loves it and kicks his legs all the time. 

 Eating at Dairy Keen in Heber

 Trip to Park City! Shopping Eating and having fun!

 Josie was scared of the bear and wouldn't get near it.

 Jordan having fun!

 I made this little puppet show for Josie and we had a fun FHE. Such a fun idea and hopefully it will last a while. We used puppets and did Samuel the Lamanite or as Josie called him Sam.

 Chillin' before Daddy got home. Love my two babes!
Till next time, hopefully it won't be that long!

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