24 May 2011

oh the boredom!

Jordan is back from Cincinnati and I am back from Centerville. He didn't take any pictures but enjoyed his time eating out, going to baseball games, lounging around in his hotel room and oh ya the reason he went getting trained for some new laser software.

After spending a week in Centerville with so much going on, I find myself quite bored at home in Price. I try to keep myself busy but find myself counting the hours until Jordan comes home from work. Here are some things I have done to keep myself busy:
I am working on refinishing an old dresser. Jordan has helped much to my thanks. It still has a long way to go, but there is some promise.
While I was in Centerville with the help of my sister I made these cute letter blocks for Josie's room.
Pulled out food storage and made some recipes. Who knew powdered eggs and taco tvp really taste like the real thing. Now I just have to be diligent and use up what I have opened.

I did read an entire book in one day. Goose Girl. I highly recommend it. I also like Shannon Hale's Princess Academy.

I decided to try and learn to crochet. Problem is I am no good. I won't show my attempts, but it gives me something to do while I watch sesame street with Josie.

Looking, Looking and Looking for houses. Ones with nice big yards, and ones that fit in our price range. Jordan spends his time looking with me and I am afraid we are almost obsessed, but still being patient for the perfect one to come on the market.

Spend time outside with Josie. We watched the thunderstorm from the front porch and she was awed at the noise. These pictures were taken on Sunday.

Listening to Josie jabber. She is so cute. Don't you love her 80's jacket.

And finally:
Always Always listening and watching the train go by. I actually don't mind living by the train.

Life is good here in Price! We have friends a lovely place to live, and Jordan has a great job. Now all we need is summer weather and lots of weekends to go camping. If you are ever headed to Moab, stop by. If not at least honk as you pass by.

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