23 January 2013

Christmas and the beginning of the new year!

My little sister Bonnie is an amazing artist here are some of her artwork. Yup that's my little brother Benson she drew!

Over Christmas we spent a lot of time with family. Brenda came up from New Mexico and so we were all in Centerville. Lots of fun. We got to see Ben wrestle, a SBO get together and of course lots of family time. 

 The Blackburn Clan
 We tried to get a family picture but it didn't turn out so well.
 Robert made Jordan and I this awesome shelf to put in our front room

 We got to have Christmas morning at my Grandma Viola's house with just our little family. It was so much fun. I wrapped all of our gifts in Brown paper packages. It was neat to be at my Grandmas' house.

 Josie and her Sally doll that Santa brought her. 
 Josie and her gifts. She got some fun stickers and a Winnie the Pooh book. She also got a play kitchen.
 Jordan and I got matching jackets and each got a new pair of shoes. 

Dylan with his toy walker
The Grandkids playing with Josie's kitchen

We went up to Jordan's parents house Christmas Day and ate good food and opened presents. His brother Aaron called from his mission and this is a picture of everyone sitting around listening to him. 

 Josie insisted on sleeping in the cradle meant for Dylan. Too cute. 

 Opening presents!
 Josie and I planned a new years eve party. We had a game or activity written and hid inside a balloon. We got to pop the balloon and do the game. We made a time capsule, wrote down goals, and had a family picture taken. It wasn't much but it was fun to spend time together as a family.
We are continuing the tradition of the New Years baby that Jordan's family did growing up and this is what we got this year. 
 I am trying to be more creative in my cooking (thank you pinterest). Here is a meal I made that I was pretty proud of. Chicken wrapped Asparagus. 
 The kids playing in the crib

 I got this puzzle to do with my family but it came to late in the mail. I ended up doing it all by myself and it was hard but fun to do a puzzle again. 


 our shelf put up: There isn't much to do on the weekends in January but we have been busy, updating 72 hr kits, doing a food storage inventory, touching up paint in the house, finishing the kitchen floor and rearranging things in our house.

 Love that smile! He plays with the kitchen more than Josie and Josie plays with his rubber dinos more.
 One Saturday we went to the furniture store to just look around and let Josie run around. I think this couch is one my mom should get and Josie fell in love with this kids couch.

 Josie lines up here toy dinos and dino stickers to our tablet app and it tells her what kind of dino it is.
 Painting snow!

 I started a winter play group at my house and yesterday we did bird feeders! It was a blast!
 Updated my Garden Journal and made goals and plans for this year. Problem: I am too excited and it is only January.
We made some snowflakes. I found a website that helped me find some cool designs. Jordan even helped and made one. This January has been long and cold, filled with Sickness but in the midst of it we found some fun!

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  1. I'm jealous of your garden journal, looks intense! I want to learn how to garden but I'm afraid we won't have a garden for a long, long time :) I guess I should start learning now!