07 November 2011



General Conference: We went and spent a day with my family and a day with Jordan's family. It was great to be with family and listen to conference. Josie had fun playing with Johnny. For girls night out, Mary gave us girls makeovers. It was lots of fun, complete with fake eyelashes.

We closed on our house on October 6. We then proceeded to try and do some remodeling. It is still a work in progress, but the kitchen finally looks nice. Thanks to my mom and Bart for all their hard work. I finished some curtains and decorated some towels to match.

Over UEA weekend my family came down and helped pack and do some work on the house, and then the last part of the weekend Jordan's family came down and helped us move. We got a lot done and had some good times. Thanks for all the help everyone. (sorry no pics of my family)

Book Pictures: Josie loves books more than ever and we are amazed how she can last for hours looking at books. She will even wake up and start reading before she gets out of bed. So cute!

Leaves: We love having a large yard and the first thing we got to enjoy were the leaves. When I was about Josie's age I had a whole bunch of pictures taken in the leaves and I love those pictures, so I tried to duplicate the memory with Josie.

Carving pumpkins

We went to a Ward Halloween party, Jordan's family party and Trick or Treating on Halloween. Lots of Fun. I made Josie's costume and she looked like such a cute Ladybug. The ruffle dress took forever though. Jordan and I dressed up as Minions from Despicable Me. It was fun and turned out pretty good.

Josie with all her candy. She loved it!

At the ward Halloween party

Josie and Brielle had fun together and it will be fun
to see them play now that they are older. They walked
around the yard holding hands. Cute!!!!

Some stray cats ended up at Grandpa Yates', the kids loved them!!!!

Sunday in our new ward.

Busy Bag Exchange: I have been working on activities to take to a busy bag exchange and I got to go and got so much fun stuff. Josie is having a hay day doing them. Jordan even joined in on the fun.

Such a wonderful month, but I hope November is a little less busy.

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