01 March 2011

Random Pictures of our life:
We reached 77,777 miles on Jordan's car. He bought it with 11,000. It has been a good car.
On Friday night in January we went in search of a dinosaur track in Buckhorn wash, after following the not so helpful directions, we finally found it. It was a beautiful night and quite majestic in the canyon, especially since we were the only ones around on a cold January night.
My two sweeties taking a nap when they were sick last week.

So I want to get Josie a cute Easter dress, but I didn't really want to spend a lot of money for a dress. I decided I will try and sew one. After buying all the materials I was able to make two dress for 25$ and had a lot of fun. One is a little to big for Josie, but she will grow into it.

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